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Outstanding Staff Commending Conference in 2016
Release date:2017.01.20

On 20th Jan. the annual Outstanding Staff Commending Conference was held in room 107 in Research and Development Building.

The conference was moderated by Mr. Pan Liangchen, chairman of the union. Under the leadership of board and management team, all staff have fully performed their duties and made great efforts in improving own abilities, among whom we have some outstanding staff. According to spirit of company documents, after assessment, recommendation in department and approval of the company, Song Yanjun and other four employees are awarded as work models in 2016 and Liu Bin and other employees as outstanding staff in 2016.

General Manager Kai Akechi expressed congratulations to representatives of awarded staff. Mr. Zhuo Qian made a speech as representatives of the awarded.

Executive General Manager Mr. Xi a Yu affirmed that all assignments were accomplished on time in 2016 and congratulated to the representatives of awarded staff. Furthermore, Mr. Xia expressed his expects for the management in 2017 and encouraged everyone to learn from work models and outstanding staff. We should overcome difficulties, work enthusiastically, improve technology, satisfy markets’ needs when developing new products and reduce defects with more strict quality control, so that reputation among clients can be enhanced and a bright future can be created for the company and for ourselves.

At last, leaders in the company, work models and outstanding staff took a picture to mark the occasion.

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