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Our Company Has Passed the ASME Certificate Renewal Pre Review and Annual Review of the Quality Assurance System of the Provincial Special Inspection Institute
Release date:2018.01.12

In order to meet the ASME certificate renewal joint inspection, our company’s registered AIA Hart Ford Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) carried out a pre audit from Jan 8th to Jan 9th, the pre audit group is composed of AIS Wu Cheng and AI Wang Xiaoming. The pre audit group seriously review the company's "ASME Quality Control Manual” and process control documents and aiming at the produced ASME demonstration header, they comprehensively reviewed design, purchase, material, process, welding, inspection, metrology, NDT, heat treatment and other related specialties and processes in accordance with the requirements of the quality control manual and the procedural documents and witnessed the demonstration of a simulated product at the workshop site, all relevant departments of the company actively and seriously cooperated the audit group’s review work and successfully completed the audit work.   

On Jan 9th 2018, Zhejiang Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute conducted the annual supervision and review of the quality assurance system of special equipment production units to our company, the group had three people and it was led by Cheng Mao, Director of the Product Supervision Institute. The audit team carefully examined the company's "Quality Assurance Manual for A Grade Boiler" and its procedural documents and respectively reviewed company's quality assurance system, basic conditions and product quality according to the requirements of the manual and the procedural documents, they conducted field inspection review on the company’s production site, welding pool (level one and level two) and inspection room. In the last meeting, Director Cheng affirmed and praised the quality assurance system, quality control and product quality of our company. For our company will accept certificate renewal audit of Grade A boiler manufacturing certificate in April, 2018, he put forward a perfect suggestion on quality assurance system. Finally the annual supervision and review work was satisfactorily finished.

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