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Good News
Release date:2018.01.11

Warm congratulations that with the joint efforts of all units and our leaders and colleagues in the field, struggled to overcome all difficulties, #1 waste heat boiler of natural gas CO generation project of Xinhui power plant successfully and smoothly completed the water pressure test of high pressure, reheat, medium pressure and low pressure system at 16:18 on Jan 5th, 2018.

#1 waste heat boiler of Xinhui project successfully completed the hydraulic test with the support of all parties, valuable time has been gained for the smooth operation of the unit, it has got the approval of the owner of Xinhui project, meanwhile, the owner has given full recognition to the quality of our products. Thus, I sent this good news to all employees of the company at the scene!




MHDB Project Factory Representative in Xinhui: Yang Yu

Jan 5th, 2018


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